How to Extract Divided Zip Files on MAC or PC


1. Download Dr. Unarchiver on App Store

2. Open Dr. Unarchiver

3. Locate downloaded JAV files parts in finder (*.zip files)

4. Drag and drop all of them in Dr. Unarchiver main window

5. Select resulting video file

6. Click on “Extract” and choose folder



1. Download 7-Zip (it’s free)

2. Download all JAV split files in one folder

3. Open Windows Explorer and go to the folder

4. Scroll through the folder and make sure that all parts are downloaded.

5. Select Part 1 and click Ctrl + A to select all files. Depending on your settings, you may see at the bottom of the window how many files are selected.

6. Right-click on Part1, choose 7-zip and Extract to “*\” in the right-click menus.

7. The combine/merge/extract starts automatically.

8. The result will be created in a subfolder.